New Client Information

Information on your first visit!


I want our work together to be both effective, as well as efficient. Please review the below information to better understand how the initial consultation process works and the materials you should plan to bring to your first appointment.

The initial consultation for new clients is divided into 2 sessions.


First session: Up to 1.5 hours

  • Review and completion of detailed intake form

  • Body composition analysis (ex. BMI, BMR % fat, % muscle)

  • Review of health history, symptoms and any recent lab work*

  • Dietary assessment (4-day food diary)*

  • Review of current lifestyle and initial recommended changes, as appropriate (ex. sleep, stress management, exercise, etc.)

  • Goal setting/prioritization (short-term and long-term)

  • Initial recommendations (usually 1-3)

*Note: Please bring the following to your first session:

  1. Recent blood work/lab results

  2. 4-day diet history (3 weekdays and 1 weekend day)

  3. List of all current medications and supplements, including dosages and brand.

Following this initial session, you will receive a customized plan that has been developed for how to address your key health concerns. Based on this, we will agree to a manageable, step-wise approach for achieving your goals.

A comprehensive report including my detailed assessment and all recommendations will be reviewed at the first follow-up appointment. This includes:

  • Specific dietary recommendations, as well as meal planning support, as needed

  • Educational materials 

  • Drug/Nutrient Analysis (if applicable)*

  • Supplement and lifestyle recommendations

  • Recommended additional lab work (if applicable)
  • Agreement of timeframe of future follow-up sessions


Follow-up Session (up to 1 hour)

Our second session allows up to track your progress, address any concerns or issues you may be having, as well as make any modifications to your plan.