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Jim C. - Rockville Centre, NY

In three months with the program and suggestions I received from Vita Sana I have lost 18 pounds and have incorporated a diet in my life that was an easy transition from the traditional diet I had. The personal attention from Lauren with her advice for dietary supplements and overall support have me feeling the best I have in years. As a bonus Lauren is wonderful person who has your best interests at heart. I highly recommend you consider her counsel it's a win win deal.

Kathy Y. - Ojai, CA

Thank you Lauren for such a clear and concise explanation of your services. You are certainly a knowledgeable and highly trained professional. I look forward to working with during these days of Covid isolation. What a perfect time to focus on ones individual health and with a positive attitude towards the future. The approach that you take towards functional health and with connections to functional medicine docs are a win win. Thank you for the work that you do to keep our communities healthy.

Amanda W. - New York, NY

Lauren is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and truly cares about her clients. She makes a point to really educate her clients on why she is making her recommendations and it is clear she wants to empower her clients to understand their condition and how to resolve them long-term. I initially met with Lauren to address some GI issues I had been dealing with, which with her recommendations, I was able to fully resolve - added bonus I even lost some weight! I would highly recommend Lauren for anyone who is looking to get healthier. 

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