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Need A Little Reishi In Your Life!

Summer is over and soon we will be in cold and flu season. In an effort to guard myself against all of these bugs, I employ the power of the Reishi mushroom. Well known in Eastern medicine, it is also referred to as the "mushroom of immortality." The power of this little immune boosting mushroom is slowly making itself known in more mainstream circles. In addition to providing support to the immune system, there is some evidence that the Reishi mushroom has some antiviral benefits. They contain polysaccharides, which may impact the flu virus. Although Reishi may help if you are already sick, prevention is its true benefit, namely if its combined with another powerful herb called Astragalus.

While this is a great addition given the coming winter, the Reishi mushroom has also been shown to provide some other significant health benefits. Reishi has been shown to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, fight against cancer, provide cardiovascular support and regulate blood sugar. Reishi can be found in several forms including as a powder or liquid extract. Drink a little in your water before bed and it may even help you get a better night sleep! It can also be enjoyed as a tea and there is a coffee which includes an immune boosting mushroom blend, which contain Reishi. Given all the information out there around the potentially powerful benefits of Reishi, I am certainly glad that I have discovered it and now

include it in my daily health regimen.

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